I discovered The Taubman Approach at a very important stage of my life. I had some physical problems which had started developing and it was really affecting my comfort, motions and thus, my playing in general. Most of the people around me (other musicians) had a mentality that it is normal and everybody is facing problems and it’s a part of life, something we just have to deal with and accept, or, some even said that it’s a price all artists/musicians have to pay. It all seemed quite legitimate to me until real problems appeared. Fron, then I somehow knew that it’s not the way it should be and there must be answers somewhere. Of course, my surroundings still kept me thinking that I just need to accept and deal with it. But then… I accidentally found a video on YouTube which led me to the discovery of this magical work. It was a big and strong, ‘I KNEW IT’ in my head.
This discovery has changed and is still changing my life every day and allowing me to help others in similar situations in the future! Deren is an amazing Taubman teacher. She’s very intelligent, precise, and knows this work very well. I am forever grateful for her for spreading this wisdom and also in Europe!

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