Deren is a wonderfully patient and skilled teacher of the Taubman technique, which I was fortunate enough to discover online. Many technical difficulties I thought could never be mastered, or certainly, without a degree of difficulty, frustration, pain and strain, were overcome by her patient, in-depth and innate professional understanding of the technique. This technique does require an application and focused practice, but once you have it in the playing mechanism, it gives you a marvellous sense of freedom and ease at the piano which I never thought possible. My introduction to the Taubman technique was through a lovely little set of videos made by Edna online (The Golandsky Institute ) – and they all made so much sense immediately! I viewed them over and over again and couldn’t wait for a teacher to arrive in the UK. I have been studying with Deren for a little while now, and every lesson is a voyage of amazing discovery, as she gives tireless attention to detail, addressing your personal technical problems and concerns – thereby building your confidence and making playing effortless and pure joy!