I wrote to the Golandsky Institute last February from England, asking for help finding a proper Taubman teacher. You immediately wrote back suggesting I get in touch with Deren Eryilmaz. This has proved to be one of the most remarkable experiences of my piano playing life, so I certainly owe you an email of gratitude!

Deren and I have met only 6 times, and yet I now own an entirely new pair of hands! I feel as if the weight of a building brick has been removed from my hands and I’m experiencing tension-free playing for the first time. I’m sure there is still a huge amount to learn, but the improvements I have made, the security I now have, is quite extraordinary and entirely due to Deren and of course, the knowledge of the Taubman approach. So thank you!!!!

I recently saw your interview with Josh Wright and glad if this gives you greater exposure. I remember being somewhat surprised by a Josh Wright video in which he was demonstrating ways of “shaking out” hand tension to create relaxed hands. I wrote and politely (I hope!) asked him why he avoided addressing the real issue with tension, namely what is causing it. For me, the thing that is most impressive about the Taubman approach is that the way you learn to move finger, hand and arm, means that you don’t create any tension in the first place. Josh didn’t reply but I’d like to think that perhaps it prompted him to contact you!

Thanks again for putting me in touch with Deren. She really is a credit to the whole Taubman Institute.


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