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In addition to the Deren Piano Academy’s workshops, seminars, and private lessons, these resources from Golandsky Institute may help in furthering the understanding of the work of the Taubman Approach.

Golandsky Streaming

With currently more than 140 videos of lectures and master classes available, new videos are added regularly for a vast resource on the Taubman Approach.

Golandsky Institute YouTube Channel

With videos constantly being added, the Golandsky Institute YouTube channel is a great supplement to the videos on Golandsky Streaming.

Choreography of the Hands: The Work of Dorothy Taubman

Watch the official authorized version of Choreography of the Hands: The Work of Dorothy Taubman with a forward by the film’s creator. Even after the passage of time, this video remains very important and relevant.

Edna Golandsky's Website

Follow Golandsky Institute Founder and Artistic Director, Edna Golandsky’s website filled with a fountain of information and resources on the Taubman Approach and her work.

Robert Durso's Website

Visit Golandsky Institute Co-Founder and Senior Director, Robert Durso’s website for information about his work, performances, and blog.

Basic Alignment and Rotation

The Basic Alignment and Rotation book (available in the Teacher Edition and Student Edition, hard and digital copies) by Mary Moran is an introduction to the basic principles of the Taubman Approach and an essential read for players of all abilities.

PhD Dissertation of Therese Milanovic

Read the PhD dissertation by Therese Milanovic on her studies with Edna Golandsky and John Bloomfield, her journey to rehabilitation, and becoming a certified teacher.