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Hans S.

Searching for the Taubman Approach, I came in contact with Deren. We did four sessions in the course of two days, and with the basic principles of the method, Deren made me reach freedom in playing and suppleness that I never experienced before in the almost 45 years of my life that I’ve spent at the piano. With her help, I solved problems that I have never been able to solve.
I had my first sessions with Deren teaching me the Taubman approach in September. Now, around six weeks later, I feel my entire way of playing the piano is changing profoundly. The feeling of my hands on the keys is much better, and the dexterity of my fingers (especially in trills) has improved enormously. And a big plus is, that I don’t suffer any back pain anymore after hours of playing.

Gráinne L.

I thoroughly enjoyed the week, and I learned far more than I could have expected, not only from my own lessons but also from watching others. The difference it has made to my playing is remarkable; I have never improved so much in the space of a week! The only thing I don’t understand is why this isn’t universally considered to be the only way to play and teach the piano!

Paul C.

This is the most enabling and constructive teaching I have had in my many years of playing the piano. The study is fascinating in itself and very powerful in its effects. I am discovering much greater freedom at the keyboard and can envisage perhaps playing things that I have wanted to tackle for a long time. Deren has wonderful teaching skills. She is a true expert in this approach and always delivers our lessons in such an enthusiastic and practical way. I am so pleased I found her studio.

Marion H.

Deren is a wonderfully patient and skilled teacher of the Taubman technique, which I was fortunate enough to discover online. Many technical difficulties I thought could never be mastered, or certainly, without a degree of difficulty, frustration, pain and strain, were overcome by her patient, in-depth and innate professional understanding of the technique. This technique does require an application and focused practice, but once you have it in the playing mechanism, it gives you a marvellous sense of freedom and ease at the piano which I never thought possible. My introduction to the Taubman technique was through a lovely little set of videos made by Edna online (The Golandsky Institute) – and they all made so much sense immediately! I viewed them over and over again and couldn’t wait for a teacher to arrive in the UK. I have been studying with Deren for a little while now, and every lesson is a voyage of amazing discovery, as she gives tireless attention to detail, addressing your personal technical problems and concerns – thereby building your confidence and making playing effortless and pure joy!

Aistis Ragauskas

I discovered The Taubman Approach at a very important stage of my life. I had some physical problems which had started developing and it was really affecting my comfort, motions and thus, my playing in general. Most of the people around me (other musicians) had a mentality that it is normal and everybody is facing problems and it’s a part of life, something we just have to deal with and accept, or, some even said that it’s a price all artists/musicians have to pay. It all seemed quite legitimate to me until real problems appeared. Fron, then I somehow knew that it’s not the way it should be and there must be answers somewhere. Of course, my surroundings still kept me thinking that I just need to accept and deal with it. But then… I accidentally found a video on YouTube which led me to the discovery of this magical work. It was a big and strong, ‘I KNEW IT’ in my head. This discovery has changed and is still changing my life every day and allowing me to help others in similar situations in the future! Deren is an amazing Taubman teacher. She’s very intelligent, precise, and knows this work very well. I am forever grateful to her for spreading this wisdom and also in Europe!

S. Mukherjee

Deren is an amazing teacher of the Taubman technique and has a simple yet well-structured approach will which ensure you reach all your piano goals faster than you ever imagined. Her teachings will allow playing to a level of virtuosity which will enable you to fulfil all of your piano potential and dreams. It is rare to find a teacher so immensely skilful in their craft, yet have the humility and patience to impart all their wisdom in such a beautiful and systematic way. I highly recommend Deren to anyone serious about learning the Taubman technique and taking their piano playing to the next level. Just take 1 lesson and you will see for yourself how amazing Deren and the Taubman technique truly are, it will transform your playing with immediate effect.

E. Dole

I learned so much in such a short space of time about this approach. It was truly inspiring to see what can be achieved, particularly with people coming with injuries. I am excited about continuing on this path and feel lucky to have found it. We are fortunate to have Deren and her expertise here in the UK.

K. Kanhai

I had never realized that finding the right technique would aid so much in reducing study time as well as retaining music memory for a long time. The techniques of the Golandsky Institute focus on finding the easiest way to play which is stress and strain-free. Which leads to being able to play faster, but also gives more time for interpretation and creates a depth of sound. I have changed my studying methods, often doing things which are counterintuitive, but which lead to great results in the end. What I like most is that through careful explanation and understanding the person behind the pianist, Deren has been able to progress my technique and play I can play music easily which I have never thought I would be able to perform before.

G. Moreira

Learning the Taubman approach with Deren has been a very rewarding adventure. In the beginning, it was challenging to rethink my assumptions about playing the piano, but trusting Deren and practising consistently definitely paid off.

Marta D.

…for the last few years, I am having piano lessons using the ‘Taubman Technique’ with Certified Associate Teacher of the Golandsky Institute, Deren Eryilmaz. I am thrilled with the results in being able to play with ease, comfort and a renewed technique that I never dreamt would be possible! I absolutely recommend those that desire pianistic progress at any age, as well as those injured pianists to regain their skills to ‘give it a go’.